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Individualized. Integrated. Intentional.

Welcome to
The Pilot School

The Pilot Difference

The Pilot School has a deep commitment to children with learning differences. Each child is valued as an individual, and attention is given to that child’s unique academic, social, and physical needs. We specialize in educating students ages 4-14, helping them improve their reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, speaking, and listening skills.

Our Students

At Pilot, we program for students with a range of learning profiles. As such, no two students’ schedules are exactly the same. We believe it is more beneficial for students to be placed in a learning division that best fits their academic skills rather than a specific grade based solely on their age. Check out our three divisions below and see what a day in each student’s life looks like at The Pilot School!

Lower Division

Students who are learning to learn, creating foundational skills, building capacity, gaining confidence, and self-regulating.

Middle Division

Students who are building upon foundation, gaining independence, transferring skills upward and across disciplines, growing confidence, and becoming comfortable with identity and advocacy.

Upper Division

Students who are practicing self-advocacy, independently applying strategies to increasingly complex school work, and establishing confident self-identity.

COme see us in Person!

We’d love to get to know you more. Take some time to see our campus, get to know our programs, meet with our Head of School to see how we Unlock the Potential.