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Our program is designed to optimize learning experiences through the careful integration of necessary supports and appropriate challenges. The end result is a school day designed to meet students where they are and provide a path for where they want to go.


At Pilot, we program for students with a range of learning profiles. As such, no two students’ schedules are exactly the same.


Our students’ specific needs are met through the collaboration of therapists and educators. As needed, students participate in individual or group therapy sessions to complement their daily evidence-based coursework.


Everything we do at Pilot is intentionally designed for our students. We pour over the research and curate the perfect personalized program. When done well, the students don’t even realize the programming they are a part of. They just experience it as fun!


We believe it is more beneficial for students to be placed in a learning division that best fits their academic skills rather than a specific grade based solely on their age. Check out our three divisions below and see what a day in each students’ life looks like at The Pilot School!


Students who are learning to learn, developing foundational skills, building capacity, gaining confidence, and self-regulating.


Students who are building upon foundation, gaining independence, transferring skills upward and across disciplines, growing confidence, and becoming comfortable with identity and advocacy.


Students who are practicing self-advocacy, independently applying strategies to increasingly complex school work, and establishing confident self-identity.


Students in all divisions take part in Reading, Language Arts, two periods of Math, Social Studies, and Science classes. Our students enjoy a fully individualized schedule that has them up and moving from classroom to classroom, experiencing different teachers and taking part in instruction that is exactly where they need it to be: as intellectually challenging as possible with all the skill support necessary for success. 

Rather than use a pull-out or push-in model for support, all of our teachers are trained in evidence-based methodologies. All instruction is intensive and interventional. We use a range of programs and curricula to meet our students’ reading needs, including but not limited to:

  • The Wilson Reading System™
  • Read Naturally
  • Lindamood Bell: LiPS and Visualizing and Verbalizing

We also use aimsweb Plus benchmarking and progress monitoring assessments to chart students’ progress in areas of reading and math. This allows us to be laser-focused in our goal setting and to nimbly shift instruction to meet the needs of our students. Parents are also able to see their children’s progress toward their goals throughout the school year. 

Special Courses

In addition to academic coursework, students participate in a range of Specials. These classes round out our student’s schedules and allow opportunities for success outside of traditional demonstrations of academic achievement.

  • Physical Education
  • Aquatics
  • Art
  • Library
  • Music


Therapeutic support is integral to Pilot’s educational program. Our students benefit from on-site occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, music therapy, counseling, and more. 

Take The Next Step To Unlock Potential At Pilot

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