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Pilot Post – April 22, 2022

Dear Families, 

This week, Pilot alum and Disney Imagineer Dan Joseph sent me an op-ed about the power of dyslexia in the workforce.  The article outlined several different reports that demonstrated the unique thinking habits and working strengths of individuals with dyslexia.  If you attended our book club this year on The Dyslexic Advantage, these ideas will sound familiar.

One of the reports referenced, The Value of Dyslexia, specifically maps the skills sets and mental habits typical of dyslexic people on top of the World Economic Forum’s published core work-related skills for the future.  It found a remarkable overlap.  In essence, the world needs more people to think the way our dyslexic students often think–seeing laterally across situations, connecting ideas and users, and creatively problem solving.

It was great to receive this link from a Pilot alum, someone who credits his own dyslexia as a driving force for his success as an inventor and engineer at Disney.  It also reminded me of the importance of programming that looks beyond a deficit model and places equal emphasis on the development of the skill sets elaborated upon in these articles.  Certainly as we build curricula and shape instruction here at Pilot, this kind of asset-minded approach is vital.  I hope you all enjoy reading!


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