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Pilot Post – Jan 14, 2022

Dear Families, 

If you’ve read The Pilot Post each week this school year, you’ve heard me talk about a range of topics, from the science of reading to the importance of fresh air.  One topic I have yet to talk about specifically is diversity, equity, and inclusion.  While these things are important for any organization (and society at large) to grapple with, they are particularly important for us to consider at The Pilot School.

Earlier this year, I linked this article and talked briefly about the importance of evidence-based reading instruction and assessments, and their particular impact on students of color.  Research like what was presented in that article is vital for us to keep tabs on as we develop programming that meets the needs of our students.  Other research has pointed to the benefits of including “windows” (showing students new people, places, and cultures) and “mirrors” (reflecting students’ own identities back to them) in curricula for building empathy and supporting social emotional health.

Recently, joined by our board chair Sam Whitaker, I’ve begun conversations with a range of DEI practitioners, both inside and outside the education space, to explore the ways Pilot can more intentionally embrace this work.  As a next step for our plans ahead, we’d love to invite parents to join the conversation and contribute your feedback or thoughts on these topics.  If you are interested in taking part in discussion and helping us in this work, please complete this form.  I look forward to the collaboration.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend ahead!


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