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Pilot Post – Nov 12, 2021

Dear Families, 

We had a really great turn out at Monday night’s first workshop in our Parent Series with Dr. Cami Winkelspecht.  For those of you who were unable to attend, you can find the recording for the Understanding and Managing Anxiety session here. 

Dr. Cami is not only a resource to our parents.  On Monday, we’ll welcome her to campus to kickstart a year-long professional development series for our faculty on Understanding and Managing ADHD.  She’ll begin with a day-long learning session with teachers and administrators, but that only serves as the groundwork.  Throughout the winter months, Dr. Cami will return for bimonthly lunch-and-learns so that faculty can continue to learn and apply their knowledge to the students in their care.  By spring, Dr. Cami will be serving in a consultative capacity, working alongside faculty to problem-solve around specific scenarios and situations.

The research on professional development is crystal clear.  Effective professional development provides sufficient time and resources toward learning and is both sustainable and sustained over time.  While individual professional development days allow faculty a chance to deep dive into a topic, if we want to really nurture a culture of ongoing development and curiosity, we have to create opportunities for continuous and applied learning.  It is our goal to replicate this model in all our professional development endeavors this year. 

While we are all here on campus learning, I hope the day off from school affords you and your family some time to do something fun together!  We’ll see you on Tuesday!


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