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Pilot Post – Oct 15, 2021

A Letter from Dr. Williams

Dear Families, 

Last night, we hosted the first Happy Hour Book Club at Pilot with great success.  Drinks, food, and great conversation abounded!  I hope to see many of you again at our next one.  You’ll see a couple pictures in the photo reel this week.  

At a recent gathering of professional colleagues, the topic of physical education and recess came up in discussion.  As many schools battle the lost instructional time from being remote last year and COVID-19 protocols continue to create nervousness around sports seasons, some schools are cutting into recess time or limiting sports practices in response.  I found myself proudly and emphatically defending recess, physical education, and after school sports.  In fact, in response to a student who seems to struggle in the classroom, the answer is often more recess, not less.

Pilot has always been devoted to the positive and vital connection between mind and body.  A walk through our trampoline-filled hallways, a seat in any of our rocking classroom chairs, a hike through the wooded acres of our campus, a soothing dip in the pool, or a healthy jaunt on the playground will make that clear to any visitor or community member.  When we tend to our bodies, we tend to our minds.  And–because I can’t help myself–I have to throw in that the research certainly bears that out.  Studies have linked physical activity to academic achievement, mental healthiness, sustained focus, and long-term retention of information.

In addition to all of the items listed above, Pilot’s own physical therapist Judy Voge has leveraged a program called “Ready Body Learning Minds” to provide maximum benefits to all our students, even those who are not engaged in physical therapy.

This week, our video got our students moving and grooving! I hope you enjoy the amazing dance skills of our students. 

Have a lovely weekend!


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