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Pilot Post – Oct 22, 2021

A Letter from Dr. Williams

Dear Families,

This week is Digital Citizenship Week, and students throughout the building took advantage of the theme through specific lessons on digital citizenship and literacy.  If you’re puzzled by what digital citizenship even is, I’d suggest checking out this great video from Common Sense Media.  In essence, digital citizenship covers safe, appropriate, and critical behaviors for navigating the digital world.

Like so many life skills, it is vital that we offer direct and explicit guidance for children so that they can harness the immeasurable benefits of the internet and technology while also navigating some of its known dangers.  Common Sense Media is an absolutely incredible organization for educators and parents alike.  On their parent page, you can read reviews about movies, books, television shows, and video games to get an idea of content.  You can also browse articles and helpful guidance by age group or topic.  

They also are a clearing house for research, so you can see what research has told us about things like executive functioning and digital use or device use in parents and kids or kids and news consumption.  I hope you find their site useful and that you take time, outside of Digital Citizenship Week, to learn more about this important topic!

Have a lovely weekend!


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