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Pilot Post – Sept 16, 2022

Dear Families, 

Over the course of the first month or so of school, we’ll be focusing on a different Pilot community norm each week in our Opening Meeting.  This week in Opening, we talked about “the benefit of the doubt.”  This is a tough one for students!  Things that are clearly good or clearly bad are easier to mentally grasp.  But actions whose intentions are initially ambiguous can be difficult for children to process, and oftentimes they rely on quick assumptions to help them.

What we strive for everyday at Pilot is to teach students to assume the best at those times.  We do this because it makes our community a more loving and forgiving place, and research tells us that giving the benefit of the doubt actually makes us happier people overall.  Of course, we support this practice through our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) classes.  But because giving the benefit of the doubt flows forth from an event of uncertainty, it is particularly helpful to jump in during those moments and remind children right then of the opportunity to see all positive possibilities.

So, this weekend, this month, and this year, I’m calling on all of you to help us in our efforts!  Guiding your child to give the benefit of the doubt involves modeling it yourself, highlighting opportunities to assume the best right when they present themselves, and praising your child when they give the benefit of the doubt, even if ultimately they assumed incorrectly.  You’ll be helping The Pilot School realize its Community Norms more quickly, and I bet there’ll be some positive outcomes for your own households in the process! 

On an entirely different note, Monday is a Jersey Day!  For all the Eagles fans out there, we’ll celebrate Eagle game days at Pilot with jersey days.  Students can wear their Eagles gear, or any other fan attire they’d like.  All teams and all sports welcome, including Pilot Panther gear. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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