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Dress Code



We embrace a dress code for several reasons. Dress codes are a physical reminder of “school mode” and elevate the learning space. Just as adults dress up for work, Pilot students dress up for school. A dress code also reduces the possibility of social conflicts or peer pressure that can arise from wardrobe choices, and it levels the playing field by de-emphasizing attention to potentially expensive fashion trends.

That said, we choose a dress code, not a uniform, so that students may have some freedom for personal choice and expression, and we encourage you to include your child in the selection of their dress code items. Any student who may be uncertain if an item is appropriate for school, should ask for assistance from the school before wearing it.

There are a variety of dress code choices, which are considered appropriate school attire, available for all students. Lands’ End is our official apparel provider, and the styles and colors on their website can be used as a guideline for apparel purchases from Lands’ End or other retailers. To streamline access to the Lands’ End site, you may copy and past the following link to have direct access:  

Once you are on The Pilot School page, you may register your child’s name or just select grade/status and gender.  Since our school is ungraded, it was challenging to have a grade/status that would cover our entire student population.  It is currently listed as “Primary for everyone – meaning it is the main and only dress, not primary ages.

When selecting items from the Lands’ End website, there are “Dress Code Guidelines” on the item page as a reminder of the notes below.  The Pilot School logo is allowed on most items, but is not required on every item purchased.  Students may also wear Pilot-gear otherwise not allowed as part of the dress code (e.g., hoodie sweatshirt and athletic wear. Your can find Pilot-gear at our school store at the following link:

**It is suggested, though, that every student have at least one item with the Pilot logo for school spirit days or special events.  There are also many Pilot logo-embroidered items at the school uniform exchange.


  • TOPS: Solid Colored Collared Shirts:
    • Polo, pullover, button-down, crew neck, or turtleneck
    • Long-sleeved or short-sleeved
    • **No t-shirts, tank tops, graphics, or logos larger than a two-inch square**
    • Solid Colored Sweaters, Sweater Vests, or Fleece: 
    • Crew, collared, v-neck, pullover, zip, quarter zip, or button-down
    • **No hooded apparel unless branded with The Pilot School Logo**
    • Pants, slacks, capris
    • Skorts, shorts, skirts, dresses (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee)
    • Leggings only permitted under a skirt or dress
    • **No denim fabric or athletic wear of any kind or color**
  • FOOTWEAR: Safe for all school activities  
    • For the school day: Closed toed, heeled shoes that are comfortable for all-day wear, such as oxfords, loafers, maryjanes, or sneakers
    • For PE: A separate, clean pair of sneakers that will be kept at school through the year
    • **No flip flops, slides, crocs, slippers or heels higher than an inch**
  • OUTERWEAR must be stored in lockers or cubbies when in the school building.

There will be “Dress-down” opportunities throughout the year.



  1. Towel
  2. Swim Suit

GIRLS: One-piece suit that provides maximum coverage and support

BOYS: Suit that provides coverage, support, and fits snuggly at the waist

  1. Goggles are OPTIONAL


Please mark your child’s name on every item of his/her clothing – shirts, pants, underwear, all gym clothes, shoes, gloves, hats, sweaters, coats, etc. 

Unclaimed clothing will be distributed to local charities at the end of the school year.  

Attire must be neat and presentable at all times to promote orderliness, readiness to learn, and safety. Parents and guardians are expected to see that their children follow the school dress code.

Updated 8/22